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The next item up for sale is a Smith Corona Electric Dictionary Typewriter with Spell Right technology model number NA3HH. This typewriter is super light weight and comes with a built in handle! Comes with original box and the ribbon has hardy been used!


  • 75,000 words spell right
  • Dictionary list with word find
  • Easy character swap, word swap built-in
  • Full / line memory correction
  • Faster word processing capability time saving automated function
  • Word eraser / line eraser clearer 6 character display faster
  • Daisy wheel printing built in demo

Works on forms, envelopes letter reports. Create error free reports and letters using the capability of this dictionary typewriter, large display makes typing easy and the 75,00 word spell right dictionary with our list feature and letter perfect copy quickly and efficiency. Durable and lightweight with a handy handle! 15.9" wide Height 5.24" Deep 12.75"

If you want to buy this Smith Corona Model NA3HH Typewriter for $125 with free shipping inside The United States just click the blue Buy Now Button below...

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